Work with us



We are searching for new resources to widen our  workforce:

- Assembler of automatic machines, with knowledge  of the management   software and their  installation at the client's premises. Availability to travel and good knowledge of English.

- Sale agents.  Geographic Zone: Piedmont and  Lombardy.  We require sale experience in the large and medium-sized  concerns.

- Software instructors.  We require: minimum degree of three years, availability to travel, good  ability of  analysis, predisposition towards the human relationships. Compulsory: Driving licence B.  Work seat: province of Bologna

Apply by enclosing your CV.

The  present notice is addressed to both sexes according to the  laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to persons of all ages and  nationalities, according to legislative decrees  215/03 and 216/03.


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