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PPE Vending machines
TomWork is the vending machine that manages H24 the entire flow of distribution and supply of items used daily in the company.

This innovative system manages 71 different objects for each floor. The items managed can be PPE (personal protective equipment) - masks, gloves, goggles, noise-proof earplugs, overalls, footwear - sanitizers, tools, drills, cutters, accessories, company stationery, equipment, first aid items and various consumables for use by employees or visitors.


Picking control,
picking registration and user identification

Supervision of minimum PPE and picking limits

30%  less consumption, waste and running costs

80% less time for distribution and inventory control

Consumption monitoring and creation of customizable statistical analysis

Management of pickingstock and  out of stock, with reorder to suppliers

Integration with separate collection system and e-learning for PPE user instructions

Interfacing with ERP, warehouse and security management system



TomWork represents an efficient tool that helps companies to comply with Legislative Decree 81/08, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 and INAIL Guidelines on Safe Work, thanks to:

  • Registration and certification of the delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Automatic sending of alerts in case the employee does not pick up the right amount of PPE (as per Risk Assessment Document) or does not pick it up at all;
  • Self-registration in the courses on the use of the PPE picked up;
  • PPE expiration management
  • Access only to tools that can be used depending on the task being performed, reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous equipment
Distributori DPI e utensili

Everyone gets their own PPE.

Worker safety in easy hand



Based on his/her work activity, each person can be allowed to pick up certain items available in TomWork.

Following user identification which can be done through badges, tags or biometric systems, TomWork makes visible on the screen only the objects related to the user’s job,  and guides the operator through instructions on the monitor with multilingual voice support.

MULTIPLE PICKING helps to speed up the operation and allows you to distribute multiple objects simultaneously to the same operator creating real item distribution kits.


A further advantage of the TomWork automatic system: via PC or directly from the TomWork itself, it is possible to book items that are not inside the vending machine. After booking, the warehouse manager will receive the request email and can authorize the picking.



Sesamo Dispenser is the WEB software that manages and records the entire flow of objects movements related to the supply warehouse, Personal Storage Machines, up to the user's activities.
A single database where all the historicized data converge and can be processed through custom statistics and analysis.

The program is multi-company and also allows you to manage distribution systems located in several branches and cities..

Sesamo Dispenser  is a real management system that makes PSM solutions IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) able to address Industry 4.0.

Sesamo Dispenser:

  • Acquires, organizes and historicizes all handling data
  • Provides a remote diagnostics and  remote control system
  • Triggers alarms and alerts and sends e-mails to managers
  • Manages  deadlines and reordering of items to supplier
  • Processes standard and customized consumption statistics 
  • Communicates with factory management software such as ERP (SAP Connected), MRP, warehouse automation software
and many others...


Sesamo Dispenser is available under license and in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode,  which allows you to control everything from the internet without any installation.


TomWork is also much more... Discover all the features and customizations

TomWork can find different applications in the world of Lean Logistic and in the IT world and responds to business needs in a timely manner.

Moreover, thanks to the integration with other systems developed by Indaco Project, it is possible to manage:

  • Disposal and separate collection tracking system – ROSK
  • E-learning system for the correct use of PPE – TC CONSOLLE
  • Vending machine for the management of large objects  BOBLOCK
  • Manual distribution system – PDM


All the data related to picking and operators' personal data will be integrated in a single database on Sesamo Dispenser software, able to detail the movements on each single PSM and, overall, on all the PSMs operating in the company.

The vending machines also communicate with the ND24 Presence Detection Suite and the HR24 SECURITY module. Thanks to the exchange of data between the Sesamo Dispenser Suite and ND24, the company knows which and how many PPE has been picked up and by whom based on the actual presence of personnel in the company.

Moreover, it can manage all the information related to the safety of the resources, , associating each personnel data with the job, tasks, qualification, risk, and versatility indexes  and the minimum amount of Personal Protection Equipment required by law (as per Risk Assessment Document).


Vending machines with sanitization of PPE and tools - AK
Vending machines for PPE and consumables- TomWork
Locker for large work equipment - BobLock
E-training software on the proper use of PPE -TC Consolle
Disposal and Separate collection traking system - Rosk
Automatic warehouse for managing tools, instruments, equipment - TomWork+
Automatic warehouse for tools, PPEs, Key management - Tom3D
Automated Kanban shelving for small part and components management -TomBox
Automatic management of bunches of keys and valuables - KeyCo

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