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Locker for large work equipment - BobLock

Locker for large work equipment

BobLock is the H24 vending machine that handles the entire flow of pickingstorage and procurement of clothing, equipment, large equipment and items with significant weights. It can be customized in terms of size and quantity of boxes depending on the company's needs. 

BobLock  records all movements with time, quantity, user and monitors the stock, out of stock and the reordered items to suppliers.

Recording picking and return of items with user identification

Multi-product distribution for picking multiple items in a single operation

Management of large objectsproduct kits and heavy objects.

Modular distribution and storage point  with multiple Slave units and a Master unit

Statistics and reliable data on the times and methods of use of each individual item

Multi-product distribution for picking multiple items in a single operation

Integration with Rosk for separate collection and TC for
e-learning on the use of PPE

Interfacing with ERP, warehouse and security management system


Users can interact with BobLock only after identifying themselves.
Various identification systems are available: magnetic badge, RFID, tags, biometric readers.

Different parameters can be associated to each user or task, for example:
   - minimum/maximum picking limits
   - picking of enabled objects only
   - compulsory e-learning course on the use of the item
   - request for return of an item not yet returned.

With BobLock, you can safely manage your equipment.



Sesamo Dispenser is the WEB software that manages and records the entire flow of objects movements related to the supply warehouse, Personal Storage Machines, up to the user's activities.
A single database where all the historicized data converge and can be processed through custom statistics and analysis.

The program is multi-company and also allows you to manage distribution systems located in several branches and cities..

Sesamo Dispenser  is a real management system that makes PSM solutions IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) able to address Industry 4.0.

Sesamo Dispenser:

  • Acquires, organizes and historicizes all handling data
  • Provides a remote diagnostics and  remote control system
  • Triggers alarms and alerts and sends e-mails to managers
  • Manages  deadlines and reordering of items to supplier
  • Processes standard and customized consumption statistics 
  • Communicates with factory management software such as ERP (SAP Connected), MRP, warehouse automation software
and many others...


Sesamo Dispenser is available under license and in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode,  which allows you to control everything from the internet without any installation.



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