The automated closets or “Smart Lockers” are widely used to distribute objects of any kind, whether professional or personal.

Among the many types of automated dispenser the lockers are chosen when there's a necessity to manage large objects or when a very intuitive usage is required. 

Let’s see all the most common uses of these storage machines.

Locker for parcel withdrawal

A usage made popular by Amazon in the last few years: the e-commerce giant uses the Smart Lockers as an alternative to the home delivery, allowing its clients to withdraw their packages in automated closets placed in public places near their houses. 
This way the clients aren’t forced to wait for their shopping at home but can go get them whenever they want, without any bureaucracy or queue.  

Locker for the company welfare

Some companies are introducing the usage of Smart Lockers to provide some benefits to their workers, as simple personal closets or for more specific functions.

When a laundry service is required, for example, the lockers are used by the employees to put their clothes in, the company that takes care of the cleaning will withdraw them and put them back when they’re clean. 

In other cases refrigerated lockers are used to distribute the canteen services.

Locker for PPEs and tools

The most common and important usage of the Smart Lockers remains the distribution of PPEs and working tools. BobLock, the automated closet by Indaco Project, is already used in many companies for this reason: extremely versatile, allows to personalize the quantity and dimensions of the boxes and trace all the movements time, quantity and user. 

Ask more information about BobLock and the other PSM by Indaco Project via the mail below. 

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