Distributing, tracing, reusing and disposing work equipment as PPEs and tools is a very important activity, not only to optimize the production but most importantly to limit the environmental impact of a company.
Let’s discover how the Personal Storage Machines by Indaco Project can enhance Green Management in a workplace.

TomWork is a PPE automatic dispenser able to reduce wastage and management costs up to 30%, also available in the TomWork+ option for reusable tools.Thanks to these machines the companies can track the equipment usage in detail, making sure they don’t get wasted or under-used by the workers. The integrated Sesamo Dispenser software is then able to manage the life-cycle and the understock of the tools to optimize the supply.

Alongside the automatic dispenser Indaco Project has developed Rosk, a smart system for the separate disposal. This device is able to sort the objects destined to cleaning or disposal, put them in the adequate container, photograph them to verify their usage conditions and weight them to track the total volume of the waste.
Rosk doesn’t only reduce the wastage, it also allows to know exactly the life cycle of the company’s tools, verifying the effective quality of expensive instruments like milling cutters or else.

Last but not least there’s TC Consolle, a PPE training device that can be installed directly on the Indaco Project machines. This training enables a more conscious and correct usage of the protective equipment, in the attempt of eliminating injuries, occupational diseases and further reducing the waste.

Indaco Project has always been committed to the production of Industry 4.0 solutions in the perspective of Circular Economy, automation and optimization of the company processes. These three specific machines can be combined to enhance Green Management, reduce supply costs and protect the environment.

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(Indaco Project believes in the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and acts towards their realization.)


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