Among the solutions for the safety of personnel, Indaco Project introduces  systems to verify body temperature and the use of the mask.

To support the reopening of activities and companies, trade unions and enterprises, in agreement with the Government, have signed a protocol to protect the health and safety of workers from possible contagion by the new coronavirus.

In addition to the already known hygiene measures such as wearing a mask, gloves and maintaining the correct social distancing, a solution to ensure the safety of your employees and guests is to install/adopt thermal imaging cameras to measure body temperature. Personnel and visitors, before entering the workplace, may in fact be subjected to a control of their temperature, which must not exceed 37.5°.

The advantage of these systems is that they detect Covid-19 risk subjects in advance  and prevent the spread of the infection by implementing all subsequent control measures

Thanks to the screening of the flows of people about to enter a building it is possible to obtain the body temperature of all those who are entering in real time.The same can be done for outgoing flows, so as to ensure that no infection has occurred within the company.


These systems also aim to detect people who do not wear the mask before entering the areas. The camera signals the absence of the personal protective equipment, sending a warning to the person in charge and to the person concerned, and the opening of the passage can also be prevented in the case of an integrated access control system.

There are various solutions on the market. Here are those proposed by Indaco Project:

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