Safety and Sustainability are two regular issues in companies but, nowadays, they are becoming crucial.

The high consumption of disposable masksdisposable items for people's safety and the resulting waste are a problem we have to face.


Depending on the context, it is possible to approach different eco-friendly solutions that allow us to optimize resources and everyday objects, starting from those within the company.
The quality of our work must not ignore Sustainability, rather  it is the distinguishing value of a company..

All this leads companies to review  their business strategies to continue to be competitive and innovative.
Technology helps us to obtain more efficient and concrete results, and also to save money: use of eco-sustainable materials and alternative types of processing, transformation and digitization of certain processes, different use of resources and reduction of physical movements that are not strictly necessary.


An  Indaco Project product line was created specifically to offer Green solutions to companies.
We are talking about Personal Storage Machines (PSM),  the vending machines that combine high performance for the company with eco-friendly solutions.

In particular:

TOMWORK to eliminate waste and manage PPE such as masks, gloves, clothing, etc.
TOM3D  to optimize the used of valuable tools and equipment
ROSK the tracking, disposal and separate collection system




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