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Indaco is a programme developed by  Indaco Project entirely in web environment. It is a MES application (Manufacturing Execution System), that is an computerised    system that has the main aim to manage and control the productive  concern function.
Thanks to  Indaco it is possible to detect:
  • The production time,
  • The downtime  (unproductiveness ) with  relative reason,
  • The produced quantities and the production wastes .
  • The respect of the correct operative sequences foreseen by the  production plan, in particular the correct declaration of the produced  quantities
  • The man/machine association for single working phase
The system of data collection is  completely  parameterizable  and allows the Client to be able to  enter any type of  interrogation  on the collected data, according to his necessities.

  • The data collection takes place in real time and in a controlled manner.
  • Each operator declares the activity and the machine on which he is operating, with the ability to create dynamically operator teams and to work at the same time on more phases, distributing the working hours automatically.
  • The declaration is verified at the time of his registration in order to avoid every following necessity of management and to eliminate the time for correction of the incorrect declarations.
  • The data are accessible from all the Pcs of the concern linked to intranet or 

Software   Interfacing
Indaco is able to  interface with the manager  both  in and out (data import/export).
When incoming , it takes from the software the data on the items to produce and the various phases of necessary production. Indaco associates a code to  every phase and  monitors  the progress of the production. When the  production is  completed, it gives back the data to the  software, that according to the times and used resources   calculates the production cost.
It is possible to foresee the communication to the software of the produced parts , when  they are declared, reaching a management of the warehouse and a  planning of the  production really  in real time.
Interfacing to the systems of attendance control
Indaco can also interface with the systems of attendance control . This allows effecting the  comparison  of the production with the  attendances and  detecting easier possible errors of the resource in the declaration phase.  The max. difference that can exist between  activity time and attendance time is a  variable parameter, that can be set according to the client's requests. Beyond such a value, the  programme will signal the anomaly to the  soible person.
A further method of declaration is the touch screen, which has the advantage of eliminating the use of paper. A badge reader will be connected to the monitor. By bringing his badge close, the operator will view the work orders associated with him and select the one he is interested in, quickly and easily

A  dashboard supplies  information on what is happening  in concern  in real time, that is when the production is  in course of development. Selecting the “real time”  item from  menu, it is possible to visualise various  synoptic switchboards, each  one of which supplies,  at a glance,   information from a different point of view.
For example, you can choose among a summing up according to the orders or according to the single operators.
For each summing up, there is the possibility to start from the general view and to reach the details.
In the case of the operator, the  programme visualizes how many and which parts  he has carried out , how long he has taken to make them and which production phases he has gone through.
The relationship between the two values is equal to the production yield, allowing knowing immediately, if the work is proceeding quickly or – on the  contrary – too slowly.


Selecting the “synoptic maps” item from the “Real Time” menu, you  visualize the  maps of the production department. For each one a  schema   is available  of  how the resources are  positioned. Simple and  intuitive graphic symbols allow knowing immediately, if the worker is present or not  in concern  or if he is developing an activity.
It is possible also to set some  parameters advising the  manager,  if the worker has  not declared an activity for too long.

The daily visualisation allows going into the detail on each  single  operator, according to the selected day.
It is in practice the  “daily card ” of the  production for the operator, the ideal place where to verify the productive situation.
The orders of  production to which the operator has worked are  visualised, with the indication of the time taken for each single phase, the type of the produced part and the  relative quantity. The total worked hours are then compared with the presence hours; the  programme carries out a comparison with the hours of fiscal presence to  verify that the two data are compatible and  in contrary case it signals an anomaly.

Indaco gives also the possibility to the operator to enter manually,  at the end of the day, the list of the developed activities (final times), without there is a punctual control and in real time of the  production. This  functionality is thought-out in particular for:
  • operators that carry out high level activities, or dealing with more  tasks at the same time, and that cannot  signal punctually every change of  activity;
  • concerns whose activity of production is composed both of internal and external  phases, the external phases can be declared at closure;
  • third-party workers, dealing only with  a phase of the 

Each  operator, to  signal the activity beginning, has to enter the data  relative to the own  badge and the type of  activity he is going  to carry out. These data can be  entered through Opical, RFID, or magnetic readers, with the help of the keyboard.
The order of work is  generated  automatically by  Indaco. For each item to carry out, the  programme acquires from the system present in concern the necessary phases of working . For each phase he associates a univocal code of working under form of bar code, that will be used by the operator to declare the progresses.
The work order, as all the  documents generated by the  programme, is available in the following formats: PDF, Excel, Word, Rtf, Xml, only text.
Touch Screen
Another  modality of declaration is the  touch screen, that has the advantage to eliminate the paper use. The  monitor will be connected to a  badge reader. By approaching the own  badge, the operator will visualise the orders of work associated to him among which  to select the one of his interest, in a simple and fast way.
Control Prints 
The control print allows verifying the work of all the employees and correcting the possible  anomalies. As any other print or  statistic, also the one of  control is highly  parameterizable . You can select which employees to check, the  parameters according to which to check them  (e.g., you can decide to limit the  visualisation  only to the persons who  have a  difference between  attendance time  and work time longer than  15 minutes) and so on. 

An easy  option allows the programme to send  automatically the  generated document to the  selected mailbox, on fixed date and time. This allows the manager to control every morning the state of work developed on the previous day, without need to launch  Indaco or sitting at his own pc.
Indaco is able to produce  statistics both on the  activities  in progress and  on the ones already  concluded, generating some  standard reports and others that can be  customised on the  client, case by case. It is also  possible to point out different aspects  according to the set parameters..
For example, you can  visualise the  statistics for the single  employee or for the entire  concern, with the  possibility of going more or less into the detail. The  employee statistic can  show the worked items, the working phases he has gone through, the good parts and the no good ones, the average  of parts  produced per hour.
The temporal subdivision is very  precise: the  total time used to produce a part is divided  into stop,  preparation,  starting and working time; the total time that the resource  has taken  to produce each single part is besides supplied. The  precision of the data allows recognising the weak points of the  production and  intervene on them to  optimise the whole  process.
In the same way, the  concern statistic shows the  monthly  activity of the employees, always with the  possibility to go more or less into  detail. The  statistics are available  in analytic  and  graphic  format, to be more and more intuitive and of easy  comprehension.


Technical Characteristics


Web, based on  Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 and  ASP.NET

Required Web  Server

Microsoft IIS

Compatibility of the operative  Systems

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012

Used Database

Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014

Supported Client-side Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer or higher, Mozilla FireFox 4 or higher, Opera 10 or higher

Screen Resolution

min. Client-side 1024 x 768 pixel

Disc space

Typical   used  server-side 2 GB




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