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Each employee has his own profile, containing information such as the personal data and the addresses, the hiring date, the position held, the time profile, the contract type, etc. The card can be consulted both by the single worker and the personnel manager and it shows monthly and weekly amounts, absences such as permissions and holidays, worked hours  and possible anomalies. On Infoday, the anomalies on the cards are marked in a clear way and they can be corrected easily and fast. The personnel office is so supported in the monthly closing and in the relative passage of data to the pay offices.


It is simple and immediate also to request permissions or holidays (and to authorize them). The employee can enter the request, indicating the day, date and cause of the absence. The manager will visualize all the inserted requests and he will be able to authorize or not the employee through a simple click. It is also possible to enter “hierarchies”, so that the management of the authorizations can reflect the concern company organisation chart; this is particularly useful in case of big concerns, in which every office has a different reference figure. The Absence Plan offers an immediate view of the person who is present and free from commitments during the month, a characteristic facilitating the planning and the internal organization.


The Information Centre is a dashboard allowing visualising at the same time on a single screen information coming from all the programme modules. The Information Centre is customisable on the single client: at a glance, each one knows, if his own request of holidays has been approved, if the card is regular or shows anomalies, if there are important communications from colleagues or more.


The Agenda allows the entry of appointments, by specifying all the necessary information (e.g. address, contact, type of appointment...) and adding possible notes. The monthly visualization is particularly efficient, because it allows, at a glance, checking the own commitments and the ones of the colleagues.
To Do is a personal note sheet helping to organise the own work, by entering the activities to develop and the date on which they have to be completed.
In order to facilitate the internal concern communications, ND24 is equipped with InterCom, a system of real time interactive messaging allowing dialoguing with the other users. The peculiarity of InterCom is the one to put on record all the carried out communications. It is very used in the personnel office /employee, superior/collaborator, consultant /client relationships.

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