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Key Management - KeyCo Your keys in safe


KeyCo is the unique instrument allowing you a management of the keys  in complete safety. 24 intelligent boxes for the management of any type of keys and objects, controlled by the software Sesamo Keyco. KeyCo, is based on protected   Boxes reserved for each key bunch.


KeyCo can contain keys of any shape or number, leaving the user the  freedom  to organize the contents freely. The protected  Boxes allow putting into safety  objects and documents of various type coupled with keys, guaranteeing the  confidentiality of the content in the Box and its  exclusivity of access. Each operator can have access only to the  Boxes that have been activated for him and the operations of  collecting and return automatically address the user towards the correct box, without  possibility of

KeyCo is equipped with an Ethernet door for the  intranet or internet connection The device contains  24 boxes accessible from a unique front door. The system allows checking and registering the collecting and the delivery of key  bunches  identifying the user and the key bunch itself. The recognizing of the key bunch is based on the    RFID technology applied to the  key rings. This system allows checking with certainty the real  presence of the keys inside the associated box.

KeyCo is managed by an intelligent terminal equipped with wide graphic backlit display and a keyboard of easy use.
The  terminal allows an immediate  consultation on the state of the single  Boxes, effecting the operations of collection and  delivery with extreme simpleness.

The identification of the operator can take place with different technologies: RFID 125 KHz, Biometric or the most  traditional magnetic  badge.


The system is addressed to all the private and public companies in which there is a  concern car fleet  or anyway there is the necessity to  monitor the handling of keys  in general. In particular , KeyCo can be used by:

  • Production Concerns
  • Banks
  • Public Bodies
  • Hospitals
  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools
  • Post Offices


A single unit of  KeyCo measures:

Height 350 mm
Depth 430 mm
Width 650 mm

A single  key ring box with  trapezoidal shape (of a segment) measures:

Height 155 mm
Depth 147 mm
Max. width of the entrance 71 mm


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