Personal Storage Machines - HARDWARE

TomWork+5.0 - Automatic warehouse for managing tools, instruments, equipment


distributori automatici DPI-dispositivi di protezione individuale- TomworkTomWork+5.0  is the new Personal Storage Machine designed as a dispenser and as an automatic warehouse to manage the multi-picking and return of tools, measuring instruments of different sizes.

This system is developed to monitor in real time the handling of the valuable objects. 


As a tool warehouse, TomWork+ can manage different items and dimensions (small tools, cutting toole, gears, measuring tools, etc).

It records how many times an item has been taken and then returned, how long it was used and when it is time to replace it.
It provides a complete management of the assets in real time and allows to the company to save time. 


Both the disks configuration and the software parameters are highly customizable, according to the client's needs. 

Our Technical Team draws up a careful study on how to configure TomWork+, based on the actual consumption and item usage.  


Small size and low electricity consumption are two of the main feature of TomWork+.

It is composed by max 10 disks, disposed on 10 levels each one independent of the others thanks to its own engine motor. This means that each disk can have a different function: e.g., the first and the second can be set as dispenser and the other can be useful as a warehouse. 

The selected objects can be pick up and return through a single front door. 
The operations are very simple thanks to the touchscreen monitor and the multi-language voice guide. 


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