Personal Storage Machines - HARDWARE

Tom3D-Automatic warehouse for tools, PPEs, Key management




Tom3D is the Personal Storage Machine designed both as a distributor and as an automatic warehouse for managing tools, PPEs and keys. This product is designed to  monitor in real time the handling  of objects and their condition.


Decide how many levels your Personal Storage Machine must have. 
Modularity and Flexibility are protagonist with the new  automatic  warehouse for the management  of the tools Tom3D

  • Possibility of choice between 3 and 6 levels
  • Possibility to combine levels of standard, double and triple height
  • Possibility of managing key bunches


As a tool warehouse, Tom3D manages different objects and valuables (drills, milling tools, gear cutting tools, measuring devices, IT item, electronics, etc...).

It can register how many times an item has been taken and returned, how long  it has been used and the time after which it is necessary to replace it.

Tom3D gives a complete management of the assets and of the supply. Automating this process allows to save time, reduce costs and waste and improve the logistics processes.


Smaller than TomWork, Tom3D can work as a dispenser of PPEs and consumables too, so it manages only the withdrawal or both the withdrawal and the return.

Both as a dispenser and as a warehouse, Tom3D is highly  parameterizable according to requirements of the client's need.


Tom3D has dimensions h 130 x w 100 x d 78 cm and a feeding of 220 V. The objects are contained in discs, disposed on  levels each one independent of the others. This means that each disc can have a different  function: e.g., the first and the second can be set as distributors and the third can be a warehouse. The selected objects can be taken through three front openings, one for each disk, positioned vertically below the touch screen display. 



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