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Kanban automation for a real time stock management -TomBox


Kanban automation -TomBox


TomBox, is part of  Internet of Things (IoT) and automates the entire distribution flow and withdrawal of small metal items, class C items and other objects with high frequency of use.

This product is designed to monitor in real time  the handling of the value objects. Thanks to the concern badge, the user is identified and is driven by the machine for  collecting only  objects for which he is enabled.


  • Identifies who takes the items using the personal badge
  • Detects the quantity taken automatically by weight sensors placed under the load cells
  • Reduces consumption and allows the company to understand what is used most and in what work phases
  • Send automatic e-mails when reaching the sub-contract and for reordering to the supplier, canceling production stops
  • It improves the planning of the daily requirements of the articles on the production lines and optimizes the processes
  • Can be combined with Rosk for disposal and recycling of materials



  • Register each withdrawal with date, time, task and user
  • Detect the weight and quantity of the objects taken thanks to the weight sensors under the load cells
  • View the article taken on the integrated touchscreen
  • Adapt to any type of existing company badge or biometric reader
  • Send automatic alert e-mails upon reaching minimum stock levels to the supplier and for the refill
  • Alert with alarms in case of withdrawal without identification or tampering


Cabinet dimensions:

194 (Hcm) x 110 (Wcm) x 76 (Dcm)

Number of floors:


10”  colour touchscreen  display with backlight

Badge reader:

Magnetic,   RFID 125  Khz, UHF, Mifare,  HID, Legic  or biometric reader

Data connection:

Ethernet  – WIFI bridge (optional) – Router 4G (optional)

Power supply:

220  V - 12 V  50/60 Hz




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