The WCM and Indaco project

The WCM and Indaco project

Thel WCM, World Class Manufacturing, is an organizational method aimed at the  production. It is aimed  to improve the operation of the concern in its  as a whole, optimising the production process  in all its phases and by eliminating the costs.
The  World Class Manufacturing is based on  some fundamental principles:
  • the involvement  of the people is the change  key
  • a new way of working
  • the prevention of the accidents  is an  essential  value
  • the client's requirements must be clear and understood by all the departments and offices
  • all the managers must require  the respect of the prefixed standards
  • the shared methods must be applied with  constancy and  rigour
  • no form of waste is tolerated
  • all anomalies must be made visible
  • each action must be implemented by a continuous  improvement
  • respect and protection of the environment
All the  WCM activities  are  aimed at   projects  (Kaizen) for the reduction of the costs: zero defects, zero failures, zero wastes  and zero warehouse. The innovation  systems  produced by  Indaco Project are designed  in  WCM logics and for reaching some of its aims.

In which way is Indaco Project  inserted into the WCM?

Graphic representation of  WCM: temple structure with  10 pillars, spheres of  intervention  in technical area (Technical Pillars).
Indaco Project designs  hardware and  software systems  well inserted into the concern production  cycle, by reducing costs and wastes  in the sphere of some  fundamental Pillars:
  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Logistics
  4. Human Resources
  5. Environment

Safety, Logistics and Environment: TomWork, Tom3 and Rosk

The management of the  PPEs (Personal protective equipment) is a fundamental aspect that all the production concerns have to face. How to know exactly the annual  consumptions, how to be sure that all the employees use them, how to know when you have to pass a new order  and how to carry out a correct disposal according to the different  typologies of wastes: these aspects, if not well managed, risk not only to  reduce the productivity of the concern but also not to assure conditions of total work safety.
As the PPEs, also the management of the  tools  presents analogous critical aspects. In this specific case,  the phase of  return of the  assets is necessary, registering possible damages or wear conditions . Indaco solutions allow a correct management of the used  and in bin assets, fundamental function in the respect and protection of the environment .
TomWork and  Tom3 are two  distribution systems and, in case of  Tom3 also of automatic return of the assets, helping the concern  in a management without wastes and defects.
Rosk is the  system for monitoring the differentiated collection that has the aim  to  automate the process of the collection, to trace the wastes  for the purpose of a saving and a control in the consumptions and a  sensitisation in the respect of the environment:
  1. Zero Wastes:TomWork registers every  PPE collection with the item code and the name of the user who has   taken it. It signals besides to the manager possible excessive consumptions of the items by the employees. Tom3, in addition , memorises how many times an item has been used and for how many times it can be still used . Rosk traces the object   typology, its state and the identity of the person carrying out the operation.
  2. Zero defects:with  Tom3 it is possible to manage the worn tool with a simple  signalling to proceed automatically with the  sharpening/calibration or the reorder of the part.
Rosk addresses  correctly the user towards the right container.
  1. Zero stocks: TomWork and  Tom3 eliminate the  warehouse surplus; the  software sends a warning  mail  when the items are going to end or are damaged so that, only in case of real need, you  will pass a new order.

The use of  TomWork and Tom3 and Rosk allows besides the application of methods and  standards in rigorous way, they manage the consumptions, the collections, they monitor the  process of disposal and generate  prints  and  statistics of control. 


Human Resources : ND24


Involvement and  motivation of the employees are  fundamental to reach perfect  performances in concern; in fact one of the 10 pillars of the  WCM is dedicated to the Human Resources.
The programmes of attendance control, created for the calculation of the working hours, are increasingly developing today  in this  direction and offer a substantial  contribution for the integration of the employees in the concern life.
ND24 , the programme of attendance control  in web environment thought-out by  Indaco Project, allows each employee to manage his own personal profile through which to request holiday and permissions, control his own card, send communications to other colleagues and  consult in real time the Information Centre, the virtual notice board  in which there are the data, communications and the latest concern novelties.
The new  Infoday Pocket module, the  App of the  programme allowing clocking-in/out also from  smartphone, makes the interaction with the personal office also for those who work out of office, such as  travellers, the sales employees  or for  solutions of  Home Working easy and fast.


Indaco Project  proposes you solutions thought-up to optimise the production cycle of your concern, eliminate the wastes and increase the   quality and  safety standards.

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