Social responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a " voluntary  decision to  contribute to the  progress of the company and the protection of the environment, integrating  social and ecological  concerns in the concern  operations and in the  interactions with the stakeholders": this is the definition of  Corporate Social Responsibility (RSI)    appearing in the Green Book of the European  Commission (July 2001). We think that the engagement of the concern to act  in an ethic and  responsible way is  a fundamental contribution  to a   social and economic improvement, to advantage of the  work quality  and the life of everybody. 

In this view we have called  Ethical Value Indaco  the engagement through which we live our  professional task.

Besides, we support  AMOA onlus, Association of Ophthalmologists  for Africa, a project of solidarity   beyond our territory borders.


Indaco Group participated with joy in the evening  organized by AMOA - Ophthalmologists for Africa "Villa Angelica...but not too much". Compliments to actors, organisers for having let us spend  a cheerful  evening, making us reflect on how all the histories of people are exactly connected among them. 

Glad for having  contributed to help Africa to  "see better", as  Amoa has done with us.



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