Who we are

The growth and the diversification of our activity needed a more simple and coordinated connotation. So Indaco Group was born: from a renewal necessity, just as you choose a new dress when you grow and you change size


The  Indaco Project Srl foundations  are constituted by  15 years of technology innovation, gained for  25 years of experience in the sector of the Data Collection. 

The strength of  Indaco Project is to be a group  designing and carrying out  Software and  Hardware producing complete Suites  in the sectors of the  Human Resources,   Safety & Security,   Personal Storage Machines and  Manufacturing Execution System.

We are  expert technological producers both  on software and hardware to improve your experience in the working field;


We care for a high quality post-sale service  based on phone help-desk, tele-service, tele-training and  on-site hardware maintenance   in quick and efficient times;

All the solutions are offered also  in SaaS (Software as a Service), with the  possibility to have an  online programme accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone, on a 24-hour basis,  without  installation.

Indaco Project Srl has been quality certified  through ISO 9001:2015

HCM - Complete solutions for the Personnel Management to be used even in Cloud
Hardware and software systems for the access control and the visitor management

Intelligent automatic warehouses for the management automation of PPEs, tools, keys and other value objects

MES Application for the management and control of the production

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