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Access Control Terminals- Sat


Sat is the slave device used in the systems of  access control  both for indoor and outdoor, connected to the Planet terminals or in Stand Alone version, that is in a way independent of the Sesamo software: in this case the list of the  badges is  created directly inside the  terminal.

It is available in version with ISO Standard Tk2 magnetic reader  or Antenna Transponder  with  integrated standard 125 Khz.

The primary relay is present on board of card and it is used to check the entrances situated in protected  zones. In case of outside applications, it is preferable to remote manage the activation relay  to avoid attempts of burglary.




Moulded   in Polycarbonate/ABS

Magnetic Reader

Integrated RFID


RS485 for connection to Planet

N. 1 Relay

For port opening


9-36 Vdc


On Line, Off Line


130 x 38 x 46 mm





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