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Software for automatic PPE distributor - Sesamo Dispenser

Sesamo Dispenser is the dedicated Web Software allowing managing and  monitoring all the  automatic TomWork  distributors, designed for the automatic  distribution  on a 24-hour basis  of the  PPEs to employees, but  indicated also for managing  consumables in general.



Sesamo Dispenser is available also in Licence and in SaaS (Software as a Service) modality, that allows checking all from internet, without  effecting any  installation.

The programme is multi-entreprise and allows managing PPEs also among more branches located in different towns  or between departments inside the same plant. It is also multilingual and able to recognize the language of the employee with the passage of the badge.


  • When an item has been  taken  and from whom
  • How many items are inside the distributor and which are almost out of stock, sending a notice  via e-mail  of necessary supply to the manager.
  • If an employee does not take a PPE or  takes more than needed, sending a letter of recalling to the manager. This always guarantees a perfect management of safety  in working environment as foreseen by law 81/08 , and helps the concern to limit the wastes and to reduce the costs;
  • The size of each employee, to  propose immediately the objects of the right size through the passage  of the badge



  • Creating a list of the tasks and establishing for each one the list of the PPEs to propose on video, to limit the collecting of the PPE. For example, inside the "warehouse" category there can be just the gloves and the mask, in order that the  users enabled for the warehouse  can  take only these  articles and not others.
  • Entering the  personal PPEs complete of size  and expiration date inside the database  of each employee, in such a way to facilitate  the replacement
  • Entering a number of daily collections and when exceeding it, the intervention of a supervisor is necessary, in order to avoid excessive consumptions
  • Creatingstatistics of consumptions  and stocks, also according to the single employee

Besides, it is possible to set the same parameters to a PRODUCT CATEGORY to manage the objects faster.


  PSM Management

Possibility to manage an unlimited number of  PSMs


Licence or Saas (Software as a Services)


 Completely  web software, accessible from any Pc, tablet and smartphone


Complete database of the Personnel that can be imported from external sources. For each operator it is possible to associate a database of items and tasks.


Differentiated access accounts, with profiling  of the different concern roles.

Limit assignation

For each operator it is  possible to assign the collection limits per item, per day/week/month.

Data Registration

Real time data consultation: PSM, item, quantity, date/hour, user. No possibility of  alteration and historical archives that can be always consulted online.


Automatic generation of  E-mail of  out of stock  notice  and  Frequency of collection.


Complete report instruments that can be exported in PDF or Excel format,  sent  via e-mail and schedulable.


Real time interfacing and  synchronizing functions to  the most widespread  ERPs of  enterprise level on the market (SAP, AS400, Simpledo, etc…).

Management of booking the personal objects

The operators can reserve directly through the Personal Storage Machine any object on catalogue, be advised when the item is available and collect it thanks to the Manual Management Software



Expiration management (function   in course  of integration)

FIFO (First In First Out) Storage Modality: favouring the continuous replacement of the objects by avoiding steady stocks and possible item expirations.

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