Sesamo Rosk - Software for tracing the disposal

Sesamo Rosk - Software for tracing the disposal

Sesamo Rosk
is the  Web Software allowing managing and  monitoring all the automatic  Rosk warehouses designed for the tracing of the disposal and  differentiated collection

The   multi-company programme, allows managing more Rosk also among branches located  in different cities or between different departments inside the same plant. It is also  multilingual and it is able to recognize  the language of the employee while passing the  badge.

Once reached the level of filling of the containers for the differentiated collection, Sesamo sends a notice  e-mail   indicating the reached limit and the data  regarding the position of  Rosk.


Rosk Management

Possibility to manage an unlimited  number of  PSMs


Licence, Saas (Software as a Services).


Completely web Software. No client to install.


Complete Personnel Database that can be imported from external sources. For each  operator it is  possible to associate   item and task database.


Possibility to define the reasons of disposal and use expirations of a particular object.

Data Registration

Real time data consultation: PSM, item, quantity, date/hour, user, reason of the disposal, object photo. No possibility of  alteration and historical archives that can be always  consulted online.


Automatic Generation of notice E-mail regarding the  container  emptying.


Complete report instruments. Documents in PDF or Excel format and sending through e-mail.


Real time interfacing and  synchronizing functions to the  most  widespread  ERPs of enterprise level on the market  (SAP, AS400, Simpledo, etc…).



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