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Shift Management Module

Shift Management is the ND24 module relative to the planning of the working hours by the personnel.





·         Fast and direct entry of the shifts

·         Real time control  of the respect of the weekly hours as per contract

·         Single panel where to enter  also absences and extra hours

·         Printable planning for the consultation by anybody

·         Single  employee database integrated into the ND24 Personnel management Suite

·         Construction of statistics  and reports with Analyzer module

·          Possibility to prepare personalized exportations towards the concern accounting system


The Shift Management module is essential for planning the shifts of shops, pharmacies and sale points of all kinds. In a simple and easy way, it allows defining and planning all the personnel shifts, for a greater concern organisation. A flexible solution to avoid delays and disruptions and to guarantee the perfect covering on all the working hours.


Shift Management is interfaced with the programme of ND24   attendance control .  CONTACT US

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