Personal Storage Machines


The Personal Storage Machines are innovative industrial automatic vending machines and software systems managing different articles used in the company, such as: PPE, tools, measuring instruments, accessories, stationery or objects for the  first aid, keys etc...

The PSM’s configuration is tailored on your needs and helps you control the items consumption, reducing operational time and costs, achieve the maximum inventory efficiency, increasing productivity, reducing stock-outs and improving compliance.

PSM are driven by our web software Sesamo Dispeser that provides real time data of all the distribution points network: TomWork, automatic dispenser for  PPE and consumables; BobLock, automated locker system for large sized item; TC Consolle, training on the proper use of the PPE; Rosk, waste tracing system with separate collection; TomWork+, automatic warehousing machine for tools and instruments; Tom3D, automatic warehousing machine for small tools and PPEs and keys;  TomBox,  weight-sensitive load cells system for high-use supplies, KeyCo, locker system to manage keys, cards and documents.

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