Human Resources


ND24 is the Personnel Management Suite born to manage the companies of the third millennium.

It is available also in Web version, to activate Outsourcing or Saas services, and it can be entirely used from Internet Browser. ND24 owns all the functionalities that a Personnel Office can desire. Infoday, a Workflow system of request and authorization of documentation concerning proof of absence/overtime; Intercom, an instantaneous messaging system to communicate with the personnel; ET24 Easy Tour to manage the Expense Accounts of the business travellersNDCom24 for the management of orders and cost centresInfoPay for the distribution online of the Pay Slips and MyDocuments for publishing documents for the employee’s use. Besides, with ND24, it is possible to organize the management of medical examinations and the employees’ training through the HR24 database module.

ND24 interfaces also with InMensa software  for booking meals and managing canteen.

Everybody can gain access to the own Portal from PC, tablet or smartphone, thanks also to ND24 Apps.  The clocking in/out can be carried out on the traditional Terminals of Attendance Control, on the own PC workstation or on the portable GPS devices allowing the geolocation. The Analyzer allows obtaining Custom Statistics on all modules.

Do not set limits! ND24 has been created not to have limits!.

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