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NDCom24 is the ND24 module dedicated to orders.

Born to monitor the distribution of the working hours according to the different activities. For each activity, you have the possibility to declare the beginning and the end, the typology and, eventually, also the place where it is developed. The great potentiality of this new instrument is given by the possibility to be used on the internet world, through objects such as tablets, mobiles, PCs with Internet Key, etc. All this allows receiving data and consulting them in real time.


The advantage of NDCom24 is to be perfectly integrated into the programme of attendance control (ND24), by being a module of the programme itself.

This aspect is particularly easy for several reasons. First of all, it is possible to check at a glance the comparison of the employee’s card with the production. All the necessary data are found on a single screen: on the left, the card, with the hours during which the employee has been inside the concern, on the right, the activities carried out during that time. The anomalies, that are those days on which there is not the comparison with the presences, are signalled in a clear way to simplify the following correction.

Besides, interfacing with the presences allows the employee to clock in/out or to declare the carried out activity from the same screen, without the necessity to open more pages of the programme. The simple and intuitive interfacing characterising NDCom24 makes the data entry even more immediate.


NDCom24 is available also on mobiles with Android system. From the same screen, it is possible to clock-in or out the attendance and to declare working phases and sub-phases. The declaration from mobile is particularly useful for those persons working outside the concern (service operators, installers, etc). The GPS localization allows also knowing where the employee is located while declaring and so being able to associate with a particular point of clocking in/out eventual specific activities.

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