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NDCom24 is the  module dedicated to the orders of the  ND24 Night&Day Suite for managing the  Personnel.


ND24 and all its  modules are supplied  in License to use installed  at the  client's premises, or supplied via web with  SaaS (Software as a Service) formula


  • No software installed, with saving  in terms of  infrastructure and dedicated resources 
  • No cost linked to the purchase of software licences
  • Backup and guaranteed safety of the data
  • Application always updated to the latest available release
  • Access from any place: just a pc, tablet or smartphone equipped with  Internet connection 

NDCom24 was created to  monitor the  distribution of the working hours for cost centres,  to detect the activity times and orders and to declare through  timeclock  pc or smartphone.

The Data base is common to the Attendance Control, that means that the system shows  in real time the  comparison between the  activity hours and hours  calculated by presence attendance control.



It allows the attendance clocking in/out  and activity declaration from  smartphone and tablet with detection of the  GPS position. The application collects the data of clocking in/out also in case of non connection of  Internet or GPS, in order not to lose any data.

Fundamental to detect the  activity of  mobile personnel such as technicians, agents, cleaning persons, etc.


  • multilingual Interface at user level, for immediate use also by the foreign workers
  • Immediate comparison between   orders and  presences
  • Data collection from traditional timeclock, pcs and smartphones

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