Personal Storage Machines - Software

Manual PPE Management



The  Sesamo Dispenser Module can be  completed by a further  software functionality  consisting in allowing a manual management of the delivery of the PPEs. 

Connected to the user's (users’) PC dealing with the delivery of the PPEs, a reader of magnetic cards or Transponder, with  USB interface and suitable  firmware is  interfaced. The user, at this stage, can enter  the programme with his  own  Username and  Password and use the  USB reader to read the personal   employee's badge. In this way, he will have   access to the database of the employee and he will be able to  see the list of the  PPEs that can be delivered according to the  typology of the developed  task.

The registration takes place as for TomWork distributor, with the addition to be able to manage for some PPE typologies  (clothing, shoes, helmets, etc.) an expiration  date  and size, useful to carry out some  reports on  occasion of the stock reorders  or signal the approach of the date of replacement of the  Personal PPE.

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