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Sistem a gestione pasti

InMensa is a software application based on web technology, designed to carry out the automated and centralized collection of the real time meal booking and canteen management.
InMensa can be used also in SaaS modality (Software as a Service): this means that the programme is accessible from any PC connected to internet, without time and space limits.



·         catering company

·         company with internal canteen

·         company with external canteen

·         hospitals

·         schools

Every user can have access to the programme by entering username and password from the own Pc workstation. Alternatively, you can have access to it from a public station equipped with touch screen and badge reader, simply by approaching the own  badge of attendance control. At this stage, the user chooses the dishes he prefers. The menus can be imported from external files, eventually supplied by the catering company, and they can be more or less detailed, ranging from the simple dish description with the possible identification marking, till the photo, the calorific contents, the ingredients and  particular remarks set on the single user (intolerance problems, religious restrictions...). The programme allows transmitting the file of the bookings to the internal or external collective catering concern. Alternatively, it is possible to print a pdf file with the list of the valid bookings, to be delivered to the kitchen.
The system is highly parameterizable. It is possible to set the booking time horizon, the dishes to be selected or not by the users (according to the max expense at disposal of each one), the limit time within which it is possible to change the carried out booking.
InMensa is multilingual and can be integrated with the other  softwares presents in the concern.

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