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"The health  surveillance is the whole of the medical acts, aimed at the protection of the health  state and the workers' safety, according to the working sphere, the risk factors and the work  modality"(As per  art. 2 D. Lgs 81/08). 

The PPE management is strictly connected  to the management of the Personnel and Safety of this on the working place. 
For the  D.Lgs 81/08 and for the Certification  ISO 9001 it is  compulsory  to keep a register of all the deliveries of the PPEs and the employer must be sure that the employees have the  minimum PPE supply .

Indaco Project has planned the HR24 Health Surveillance software, module of the  ND24 Suite allowing mapping all the concern structure with  database of the Personnel, activities developed per  department and person, risk  and  versatility index, given by the different  activities that the employee can carry out.
It is possible to register also the database of the PPEs and the min.  obligatory supply,  requested by law.

The Competent Doctor knows so which activities are developed by the single  person, in which department, and the limits  to which he/she is submitted.
After completing  the health   assessments   foreseen by the  Health Surveillance protocol, the Doctor  expresses the judgement and draws up the  suitability  certificate.

For each single employee, inside the  HR24 Health Surveillance module,  all this  information together with the result of  suitability is  archived.


  • Being aware always and in real time of the activities carried out by the employee
  • Registration of all the  PPE deliveries  (min. compulsory  supply)
  • Being aware of the place where to put a person according to his/her  own limits
  • Protecting the Concern about eventual disputes  with the workers

INTEGRATIONS The health surveillance  module is integrated with the other modules of the  ND24 Suite, the web  software for the   Administrative Management of the Personnel and the  Attendance Control . 



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