HR24 Health surveillance

HR24 Health surveillance




HR24 DATABASE is the instrument designed and carried out by Indaco Project for the Human Resource Management in Concern: database of the resource, document management, planning, analysis of training needs, safety management and work medicine.
The figure of the worker is placed in the centre and differentiated in the different applicative areas (Modules) according to the type of relationship he establishes with the concern.


HR24 Database can be used on a single platform and it is integrated with the  attendance control module of the ND24 Suite.


Module for monitoring and managing the medical examinations for the workers’ health and safety protection, according to the health protocols foreseen for the concern positions.

  • Defining the list of the examinations for each worker
  • Associating the frequency of the examinations  according to the specific carried out task
  • Indicating on each examination,  prescriptions, restrictions and results
  • Memorising the historical report of the examinations and examinations carried out and to be carried out in the employee’s Medical Report



  • Automated management of the medical examination schedule
  • Doctor database management, with possibility of access to the system to visualize the lists of the examinations
  • Possibility to enclose documentation (certificates, photos...)



The card of the task of each employee will be able to serve to the enlarged management about safety, thanks to the different description components of the task, activities, equipment /installations, chemical agents, risks and risk detail, D.P.I. ( Management of Individual Protection Devices and training to the correct use - Training Console )...

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