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Expense Accounts - ET24


ET24 – Easy Tour24 is the ND24 module regarding the expense accounts and travels.
  • Immediate and complete control of the expense item administration
  • Expenditure ceiling applicable  on the single day, on the whole against receipts or on the single travel
  •  Management of advance payments and mileage reimbursements
  • Entry of items in foreign currency, exchange rates updated automatically by  BCE tables
  • Entry  and approval of  travels and expense accounts integrated with the Workflow ND24 InfoDay module
  • Data of Expense Account exported together with the data of Attendance Control for managing the reimbursements and figurative amounts  in the pay slip
  • Single employee Database for all the ND24 Suite
  • Construction  of statistics and reports with the Analyzer module
  • Possibility to prepare personalized exports towards the concern accounting system

ET24 allows entering all the expenses born during appointments and travels and obtaining so the reimbursement. For each travel the expense items (lunch, hotel, petrol, tolls...) with the relative amount are entered. The programme gives the possibility to choose the currency and the used payment method, to enclose the photo or the scanning of the receipt, to fix a max. amount beyond which  the reimbursement will not be granted, to enter number and name of possible guests.

ET24 can manage at the same time monthly reimbursement items and items with reimbursement per travel.  The first are added and at the end of the month they are presented as a summary on a monthly basis. The second are based on the duration of the travel and so they can be calculated also spanning of more months. The closing of the travels activates the reimbursement request.


Once the data entry has been completed, the expense account will have to be authorized. The person who will have to “endorse” the expenses account will be advised via e-mail of the necessity to be submitted for consideration. Also more authorizations by different subjects can be necessary, according to the concern policy. Once it has been approved, the authorization of the travel will be transmitted to the accounting programme and/or pay software for the following  elaborations.


ET24 can be acquired also singularly and interfaced with the attendance control programme already existing in concern. 


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