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Indaco Project partner network between Italy and abroad

We confirms our presence for 2018 in various Italian and foreign trade fairs, focused on automation and digitalisation and safety&security themes.

Regarding Automation and Digitalization area, thanks also to the Industry 4.0 Europe Plan, some researches have found a positive increase on the italian and europe market during 2017; for example the research of the UCIMU (machine tools manifacturer's association) recorded an increase of 14.7% of italian orders and 1% of foreign orders in the fourth quarter of 2017 and the Digital Innovation Observatories of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano confirmed significant progress made by the industries.
The companies themselves are more and more aware of the need to innovate in order to compete.

After the participation at F.I.C.O. (Bologna, Italy) carried out by Confindustria Emilia, in order to enhance the various national production facilities, We are ready to exhibit in 2018

We will introduce all the innovations implemented on Human Resource Management (Suite ND24) software, Access Control (Suite SESAMO) and emergencies (EvaPlan) systems and Intralogistic/Picking managment systems (Personal Storage Machines - PSM) also in the main European countries, where we are developing our presence with a partner network dedicated to commercial and technical support in loco.

Among the first international trade fairs in Italy and abroad there are:
SICUR, Safety&Security - Madrid from 20 to 23 February (Hall10 - Stand B35),
MECSPE Automation, Machines and Robot - Parma, Italy from 22 to 24 March (Hall 5 Logistics Stand C21),
SAWO-SECUREX Safety&Security - Poland from 23 to 26 April.

This is what you will see: 

  1. Within the Personal Storage Machines (PSM) division, in particular for the TOMWORK line, We wants to improve and speed up the planning of the needs of items and equipment used daily on production lines and in storage, according to the kanban logic.
    Kanban is a Japanese term that means "label", which, applied on a container, indicates the type of material to be used for processing, once emptied, the container is replenished, in view of a new order. to monitor in real time the flow of supply, avoiding overproduction and the resulting costs.

    The strength of Personal Storage Machines is in fact to:

• Track the consumption of the articles used in the company, thanks to a system of automatic recognition of the picking of the single object
• Make 24/7 objects available directly on the work stations
• Contain in a single automatic warehouse a large variety of objects and with a wide range of dimensions; Up to 18 box sizes and up to 710 different items are possible in a small space
• Supervise in real time the warehouse stock, the minimum stock and the reorder from the suppliers
• Interfacing with any management software already used in the company (SAP Connected)

Leading companies in the automotive, food, chemical and other manufacturing sectors have chosen TomWork Personal Storage Machine for Intralogistics and Picking management.


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