EvaPlan - Automated Evacuation management

EvaPlan is the system to print the list of the missing people at the assembly point.
  • Provides the list of the employees and the visitors updated in real time
  • Eliminates the need to stay inside the facility to launch calculations or printouts at the beginning of the emergency
  • Speeds up evacuation management compared to paper presence confirmation lists, minimising errors
  • Logs all the emergencies and evacuation drills carried out at the Company
  • Prints the list of people absent at the evacuation point, to give to the firman

EvaPlan is integrated with the Sesamo Access Control Suite, which records and stores all entrances and exits.

In the event of an emergency, EvaPlan recognises any type of badge already in use at the Company for the employees, and any badges assigned to visitors for access and presence.

Besides, EvaPlan processes all the emergency and test evacuation
statistics (duration, people present at assembly point, time between start of evacuation and first time tracking at assembly point, etc.).

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