Web Conference

web conference



HR24 Health  surveillance

The simple and integrated instrument for managing the health  surveillance
(approx. duration: 1h)


INFODAY POCKET    (approx. duration: 20min.)

The Web App to have always  access to  ND24 from your  Smartphone!

D24 Attendances

The  web  Attendance Control
(approx. duration: 1h)


Choose the argument of your interest and specify the date and time you prefer. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive a confirmation  mail with the instructions to  participate.


What  is a web conference?

It is a   conference  in which the  participants, comfortably sitting in front of their own pc, are connected  via web to the computer where the demonstration is held. It is a   collective remote demo on-line, without  necessity to move from the own office and without costs.


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