Personal Storage Machines

The Personal Storage Machines are  automatic  intelligent warehouses for management of  diffrent articles  used in the company, such as: PPEs, tools, measuring instruments, accessories, stationery or objects for the  first aid etc.

From distribution, to training, to disposal, the  Personal Storage Machines allow to monitor  in real time the effective consumptions of the objects and to decrease wastes and time. They are managed by Sesamo, a common  software  recognizing the same concern database: TomWork, automatic distributor with 10 levels for  PPEs and other items; TC Console, training to the use of the PPEs; TomWork+, automatic warehouse with 10 levels for tools and PPEs; Tom3D, automatic warehouse that can be personalized  from  3 to  6 levels for small tools and PPEs; Cabinets, repository with automatic front door; Rosk, tracing of separate collection; KeyCo, system that manage the usage of keys and documents.

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