HCM - Complete solutions for the Personnel Management to be used even in Cloud
Hardware and software systems for the access control and the visitor management

Intelligent automatic warehouses for the management automation of PPEs, tools, keys and other value objects

MES Application for the management and control of the production


Indaco Project Group is a group of concerns established in 2001.

The concern Divisions to which we direct are mainly four: Human Resources, Safety & Security, Personal Storage Machines and Manufacturing Execution System.

The aim is to put at disposal of the companies solutions thought-out in a scalar way and coordinated among them, in order to offer products that can be integrated according to the concern requirements and developments. 


ND24 is the Personnel Management Suite born to manage the companies of the third millennium.
It is available also in Web version, to activate Outsourcing or Saas services, and it can be entirely used from Internet Browser. ND24 owns all the functionalities that a Personnel Office can desire


The Sesamo Suite, grown according to the law 81/08, represents the right answer to the requests of the market about Safety in the work environments. The Pedestrian and Vehicle Access Control together with a versatile Reception and Visitor Management, allow monitoring constantly the presence of personnel inside the concern perimeter, by supplying a real time.


The Personal Storage Machines are  automatic  intelligent warehouses for management of  various articles  daily used in the concerns, such as  PPEs, tools, measuring instruments, accessories, objects for the  first aid.

From distribution, to training,  disposal, the  Personal Storage Machines have the aim to monitor  in real time the effective consumptions of the objects to decrease  the wastes  and they are managed by Sesamo, a common  software  recognizing the same  concern database: TomWork, automatic distributor with 10 levels for  PPEs and other items; 


Indaco is a programme developed by  Indaco Project entirely in web environment. It is a MES application (Manufacturing Execution System), that is an computerised   system that has the main aim to manage and control the productive concern function.


Infoday Pocket

Infoday Pocket

Infoday Pocket, the Web App that allows all staff to manage information and to communicate with the Office Staff from smartphones and tablets.

Case History ND24 Ducati Energia

Case History ND24 Ducati Energia

From the tradition of mechanics to ND24 modernity

Why ND24 ? Marco Catassi, Director of Ducati


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